• Pokemon Go Scales Up Augmented Reality

  • Fintech Rocks Forex Payments

  • Roadblocks of Blockchain

  • The Dawn of Robo Advisors

  • Inside Globant Studios – UX Design

  • Inside Globant Studios – UX Design

  • Webinar: Innovation with BBVA

  • Webinar: The New Paradigm in Big Data – Distributed Data Analysis

  • Webinar: User Experience

  • Webinar: Understanding Enterprise Mobility

Pokemon Go Scales Up Augmented Reality

By Federico Fredes It’s been awhile since Pokemon GO has been out in the market, and with it, brought a revolutionary way of making gaming experiences come to life in the real world. But what are the factors that differentiates it from the rest of those games and applications that implement similar technologies? And what […]

Fintech Rocks Forex Payments

The World Bank estimates that by the end of 2016 there will be more than 700 billion dollars sent overseas between family and friends, with $646 billion sent in 2015. The cross-border payment industry is expanding at an annual rate of more than 10 percent and is in the process of fundamental change. Despite this […]

Roadblocks of Blockchain

By Joaquin Moreno, Blockchain Practice Lead – Globant Although blockchain technology is in its infant stage, there are several challenges that will need to be addressed. This article features six challenges the industry is facing in order to push blockchain technology towards a more mainstream adoption. 1) Regulation: Regulation impacts the direction that industry moves. […]

The Dawn of Robo Advisors

“Robo-advisor” technology has been attracting substantial attention and investment. Financial decision-making is increasingly reliant on algorithms applied to wealth management, personal finance management, investment management, risk assessment and other areas of the financial services industry. Rapidly advancing robo-advisors allow analysts to look into the future and continuously trade securities and other assets based on long-term […]

Inside Globant Studios – UX Design

In this edition of “Inside Globant Studios”, we’ll talk with Gabriela Moirano (Studio Partner for our UX Design Studio) and Isadora Valline (Visual Design Manager & Tech Director, UX Design Studio) – Tell us something about you, your family, your passions and hobbies, anything you want to share. How long have you been part of […]

Webinar: Innovation with BBVA

How can you drive innovation in your company? Why do you need to innovate within your company? How does changing consumer experience, and socio-economic scenarios make it necessary for us to innovate for survival? What are the phases of driving innovation? What factors you need to keep in mind while innovating? Our speakers from BBVA Pablo […]

Webinar: The New Paradigm in Big Data – Distributed Data Analysis

The age of big data has come. With information technology on high, how shall we handle such large quantities of data today? Globant organized a webinar to discuss on different high performance platform to efficiently analyze big data and appropriate technologies to find the useful things from big data. Speakers: Sabina A. Schneider – Big […]

Webinar: User Experience

In the past few years we’ve seen an evolution in the market to focus on user center products. This tendency has improved the quality of the products, the results of the business and the experience of the users. User Experience is a practice that sits at the center of this evolution. This webinar talks about […]

Webinar: Understanding Enterprise Mobility

In the current globalized workplace, enterprises are now more than ever extending their internal solutions via mobile devices to enhance employee and partner productivity. Globant conducted a webinar discussion that revolved around BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, enterprise app store implementations, MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions and mobility goals for a successful transition towards […]

Seamless : The Rise Of Digital Journeys

Today’s user is not tied to web or mobile or any specific platform or channel. He or she moves fast from place to place and needs to interact with their digital life any where at any time, in a painless and unrestricted way, which we call a Seamless Digital Journey. A Digital Journey starts not […]