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  • Converge 2016: Transformation Begins!

  • Machine Learning – Intelligent Things To ML As-A-Service

  • Drone Evolution: From Aerodrome To Pocket

  • Autonomous Vehicles: Alluring But Risky!

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  • Technologies That Will Change The World

  • Inside Globant Studios – QA/Automation

  • How Data Is Changing The BBVA Customer Experience

Converge 2016: Transformation Begins!

Globant hosted Converge, our annual gathering for business executives and witnessed an awesome opening with a large  audience, and cool speakers who came  together to make the event a success. Martin Migoya welcomed everyone and reminded the audience that Converge is an event that talks about how to leverage and utilize new emerging technologies. This is what […]

Machine Learning – Intelligent Things To ML As-A-Service

We are witnessing  the rise of algorithm economy to create, share, and remix algorithmic intelligence at scale to enhance Machine Learning (ML). ML has moved beyond the ability to just apply the best algorithms on a given data set to learning predictive models and applying them to new data and integrating the applications that we […]

Drone Evolution: From Aerodrome To Pocket

There have been exciting new developments these past few years in the advancement of drones or Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs)  technology. Drones are capable of highly advanced surveillance and have disrupted aerial photography and opened up consumerism in the fields of agriculture, environmental, and  search and rescue emergency operations. . Drones are revolutionizing the technology […]

Autonomous Vehicles: Alluring But Risky!

September saw the release of big news on robotic vehicles. Uber launched public test rides of its automated fleet in Pittsburgh; Elon Musk upgraded improvements to Tesla’s Autopilot driving mode; and the US Department of Transportation (DOT) through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)  released necessary policies for the deployment of the technology to […]

Technologies That Will Change The World

Jorge Teyssandier from Globant gave an attention grabbing talk at WPP panel @ Acquia Engage 2016 hosted on 2nd Nov. 2016, about the importance of Virtual Reality in today’s market and how it can transform business. He talked about how Globant merged Virtual Reality, eSports & Second screen. Users can watch an event and have different interactions at […]

How Data Is Changing The BBVA Customer Experience

Marco Bressan is the Chief Data Scientist for BBVA and the Chairman of BBVA Data Analytics. Marco will be speaking at CON.VERGE. Marco is a researcher and mathematician and was a “data scientist” long before the term was coined. He has a PhD in artificial intelligence and researched how to teach machines to see as […]

Disruptive Technology And The Financial Industry

We recently had an opportunity to talk with Andy Maguire, the Group Chief Operating Officer at HSBC Holdings plc. Mr. Maguire leads the HSBC technology and services divisions which includes IT, customer service, change support, operational processing, and more. About HSBC HSBC has 45 million customers across four global businesses and is one of the […]

Inside Globant Studios – Pod Agility

In this edition of “Inside Globant Studios”, we’ll talk with Marcelo Mariño (from our Pod Agility Team). – Tell us something about you, your family, your passions and hobbies, anything you want to share. How long have you been part of the Globant team? I’m a 33 year-old father of two, a man of faith, music composition/performance […]

The role of the Scrum Master – Part III

In the second part of this series, we have walked you through a team’s maturity journey, outlining the activities and responsibilities of the Scrum Master in each stage. Now, we will review some key skills and personality traits that could certainly help the Scrum Master be more effective throughout this journey. Becoming a GREAT Scrum Master Anyone can potentially become a good […]

The role of the Scrum Master – Part II

In the first part of this series, we concluded that in order to solve complex problems we need teams to self-organize and work in collaboration. We will now review how this journey could look like and what’s the participation of a scrum master in each step of the way. Team’s journey to self-organization We are going to […]